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Hi! I'm Andrea Mislan and I'm so happy you're here!

Movement is life. The focus and study of movement has always been a part of my life. I began dancing when I was 3 and I am still dancing professionally 3 decades later. My career is comprised of a variety of teaching, choreographing, and performing internationally in the classical ballet, commercial, and musical theater scenes. My passion for movement has developed into the desire to help others understand and experience their movement to the fullest potential, whether moving on stage or through each stage of daily life. With my unique perspective of movement technique and Clinical Somatic Movement, experience a harmonious relationship with movement.

2020 has shaken our nervous systems to the core, with isolation and confinement from our normal lives and ways of moving. Restricted environments and social circles unconsciously affect our physical, emotional, and intellectual well being.


Regain mobility and internal control of your body.


Come back to yourself.

Why be a victim of movement when you can be in control?

Movement and performance are my passions. Let me help you perform your best life.

 MLife Options    What's your MLife?


Dance class in a variety of styles (ballet, contemporary, lyrical, musical theater, movement for actors) that is focused on discovering, understanding and feeling how to approach the rigors of dance technique from a skeletal perspective and releasing unnecessary tension that hinders mobility and freedom of expression. Learn how to best warm up the body for movement (with less stretching!) to access 

grounded stability, a deeper understanding of how movements connect in choreography, and sustain performance longevity. Suitable for weekly classes, workshops, rehearsal coaching and more!


Keep your employees happy and healthy with sessions designed specifically for posture and movement patterns affected by the workplace. Chronically tense and sore bodies lead to unfocused and unmotivated minds. Motivated Movement will refresh, recharge and retrain the nervous system to no longer feel the midday slump and provide techniques for your team to perform its best throughout each day. Weekly/monthly lunch hour refreshers, conference workshops, team building strategy offerings available. 

Coming soon...    


Exploring ease of movement in body and mind through mindfulness, Reiki, tapping, and Qi Gong techniques

Ayurveda Consultations

Applying Ayruveda principles to daily routine to experience well being in body and mind. Learn how to best adapt your body and routine to the evolving seasons, creating a harmonious environment for your best life.



Focused on guiding dancers, athletes and actors to move through their training and performance with more ease. Together, we will tailor your sessions to progress from releasing involuntary muscle tension that creates restricting postures and movement patterns, to applying new concepts to how you move throughout your performance. Tap into your fullest movement potential for your optimal performance!


Discover your mobility again! A focused

approach to regain mobility in those who are recovering from injuries/surgeries, experiencing chronic pain or suffering from elderly/aging postures, we will practice Clinical Somatics exercises to retrain habitual movement patterns in order to release tension that is preventing your skeleton from moving freely. Discover the joy of feeling free in your own body, no matter what age or ability. 


For the musical performer, singer, musician who is searching for ease of movement on stage and during daily practice. Addressing and focusing on breath work and  habitual postures that accompany playing an instrument and that can hinder full vocal freedom, together we will explore how you and your body can experience your best performance and take control of how your body responds to your work. 


After over 30 years of performing, the wear and tear to my
body had caused cronic pain in my knees, back and
shoulders. I reached out Andrea for help. It’s now been over
4 months working with her and the results have been

amazing. She has given me the tools to retrain my skeletal-
muscular system to work with greater efficency and less

muscular tension. Though her somatic movement exercises,
I now have gained a greater awareness and insight into how
my body works. My vocal technique has also significantly
improved, especially in regards to my breathing system and
thoracic alignment. It’s never too late to learn something new
that can transform your life.

Michael Gruber - Broadway veteran, singer/dancer/actor/vocal coach



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