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Developing self compassion through somatic exploration, cultivating a lived experience of the body (the definition of "soma."). This work benefits EVERY body of EVERY movement ability. Whether you are a performer who wants to build a stronger relationship with their movement technique, being able to access more conscious control of their performance as a dancer/singer/actor, someone who experiences chronic discomfort or pain, someone who lacks confidence in how they move throughout their daily life physically and/or emotionally, or someone who has succumb to elderly postures and immobility... this exploration is for you. How we move and how we experience moving affects our mood, our  well being... Connect with your nervous system, sense how and where your body holds and processes stress, and develop the awareness to consciously release it, restoring more efficient and easeful movement in body, mind, and soul. 

All MLife options will explore a base of somatic movement, dynamic imagery, and developing an understanding of functional movement from a skeletal perspective. Pick your focus and let the exploration begin! 

1:1 sessions (60 mins, $50)

Mindful (Dance technique mentoring based on individual movement patterns

Mobile (Retraining habitual movement patterns and postures to restore mobility & conscious control of muscles for more functional movement patterns

Musical (Addressing habitual movement patterns of the musician or singer to establish more efficiency in repetitive movement or access to vocal sound and projection)

Meditative - Coming soon

Group Classes (Price & time vary)

Community Movement Collective Classes

       Sat April 3 - Broadway Jazz

       Sat April 17 - Broadway Jazz

The Bridge Movement

      Somatic Movement Exploration with The Protege Movement - Coming this Fall! 

New virtual and live instagram classes for somatic movement coming soon! 

Motivational - contact for details on how we can best benefit your employees to experience their best work day, everyday!  

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