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About Me

Hi! I'm Andrea Mislan and I'm so happy you're here!

Movement is life. If we don't move well, we don't feel well. The body-mind connection is integral to our psychological, physical, and social well being and ultimately affects our experience of self and society and how we "perform" and navigate through life.

The focus and study of movement has always been a part of my life. I began dancing when I was 3 and I am still dancing professionally 4 decades later. My career is comprised of a variety of teaching, choreographing, and performing internationally in the classical ballet, commercial, and musical theater scenes. My passion for movement has developed into the desire to help others understand and experience their movement to the fullest potential, whether moving on stage or through each stage of daily life. Blending my unique perspective of movement technique for performers with somatic exploration and the power of imagery, I am excited to guide you in experiencing a harmonious relationship with your movement and accessing your own body wisdom.

The stress of daily life can unconsciously have a great effect on our physical, emotional, and intellectual well being, leaving our nervous system in fight or flight mode. Without the tools to reset the body's resting level of tension and have a variable balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic state, the nervous system has no choice but to continue to stay on high alert and send out constant protection signals to keep the body "safe."


To experience the body through somatic exploration, is to tune into the signals/sensations without judgement and learn what they have to say, and then appropriately act on those signals





Why be a victim of movement when you can be in control?

Movement and performance are my passions. Let me help you perform your best life.

Choose your MLife movement focus

We all experience movement differently for our daily movement needs

Image by Colton Sturgeon

Rediscover lost mobility due to injury, surgery, aging/elderly postures, and sedentary movement patterns and lifestyle

Image by Magnus Lunay

Movement exploration for singers and musicians to access and maintain optimal musical technique and performance with heightened mind/body connection 

Image by David Hofmann
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A movement technique approach that encourages the use of efficient muscle patterns and mindset for optimal dance and theater performance

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Give your employees the value of movement awareness and well being, igniting drive, creativity, team work and motivation for your most successful performance on

the job

Image by Ahmad Odeh

Dance class in any style from the perspective of skeletal movement in dance, choreography coaching/cleaning and more! 


When the body is balanced, anxiety lessens. The body/mind connection is imperative for well being. Explore and experience the movement of the mind through meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques. 

Programs where MLife Movement has been moving

The Protege Movement/The Bridge Movement - Dancer mentorship program by Stacey Tookey


What people are saying

After over 30 years of performing, the wear and tear to my
body had caused chronic pain in my knees, back and
shoulders. I reached out Andrea for help. It’s now been over
4 months working with her and the results have been

amazing. She has given me the tools to retrain my skeletal-
muscular system to work with greater efficiency and less

muscular tension. Though her somatic movement exercises,
I now have gained a greater awareness and insight into how
my body works. My vocal technique has also significantly
improved, especially in regards to my breathing system and
thoracic alignment. It’s never too late to learn something new
that can transform your life.

         ~Michael Gruber, Broadway veteran, singer, dancer, actor, vocal coach

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