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What's a Session Like?

All sessions will have an element of practicing Clinical Somatic Movement exercises. This foundation serves to release involuntary muscle tension that is displacing your skeletal system, restricting optimal mobility and leading to chronic pain. Upon assessing your specific postures and movement patterns, I will guide you through specific exercises focusing on pandiculations; contracting and slowly releasing the appropriate muscle groups that are pulling your body into damaging postures. 

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Will I Experience?

Clinical Somatic Movement exercises are very simple, small and slow, accessible to all abilities. They require your entire focus and can be quite meditative, developing a keen awareness of how your body is held and moves in space. You will discover the sensation of only using the appropriate muscles required to remain upright and move through space, releasing muscle tension that is not required. At the end of each session you will notice a significant difference in your overall stance and feel more at ease in your body. It is then up to you to continue exploring the exercises, developing awareness and eventually retraining your nervous system to retain your new movement patterns for lasting benefits. 


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   This Help My Performance?

YES. With more specific goals related to performance (dancer, singer, actor, musician), we will combine CSM exercises and concepts with movement and conditioning related specifically to your training and performance.  Rediscover your technique and movement from a different perspective that highlights the difference between forcing or "muscling through" movement and experiencing where movement initiates in the body to allow for release, energy exchange and connected transitions. Enhance your foundation by being aware of how and where your body moves in space, focusing on proprioception, visualization, and voluntary contraction and release of your muscles. Learn how your body can be in control of how it experiences movement, not be at the mercy of movement.

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How Many Sessions?

Since all movement is governed from your core, we will first address how your core is holding tension and then work towards exploring natural movement patterns with the whole body. Generally, we can explore the basic full body movement patterns in 6-8 sessions. Depending on your goals and movement demands, we can continue as needed. The beauty of this work is that I will provide you with the tools to gain proprioceptive awareness and be able to reset how your muscles  respond to stress on your own. Become the master of your own body and feel at ease. 

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