The Story

   I started MLife Movement as a response to how my body has dealt with and adapted to movement and demanding technique throughout my performance career, and how I have witnessed my dance students uniquely respond to movement cues throughout their training. Movement is an EXPERIENCE. How we each experience movement is a PERCEPTION based on many factors input into the nervous system that are then weighed for the best output of sensation that we experience. So it only makes sense that as performers, we focus on nurturing the WHOLE BEING as we approach how we learn, understand, and experience our OWN unique movement.

Our muscles, bone structures, and breath can all fight against each other in attempt to achieve a position, movement, or sound, often forcing movement (sound familiar?). Likewise, factors like past experiences, stress, emotional connection and environment can not only affect our movement patterns and postures, but they can contribute to how we EXPERIENCE movement and our overall well being. The body/mind connection and awareness of how our body moves through the space around us is paramount for experiencing our best performance on and our most full being. I wanted to honor this by providing a safe and evidence-based space for people to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of their OWN movement and how efficient movement can contribute to our quality of life and quality of performance. 

I wanted to help EVERY body move fully and freely, no matter what the physical demands or movement journey.

   The dark days of 2020's pandemic life allowed me to focus on creating this safe space of discovery and study movement concepts that were science informed and evidence based, to pair with my own movement perspectives developed throughout my performance career. As someone who was already quite aware of my body and movement as a dancer, becoming aware of the nervous system's role in how we experience movement and pain has been a game changer. Exploring this bodywork through movement with performers of all genres and those seeking to move through their daily life with less effort, has been invaluable to truly live in one's body with conscious control and ease, on stage and off. 




The Meaning

The Letter M is believed to be the most sacred. The letter gives the origin to all times, it creates the beginning of the natural forms of existence. It refers to the principle of water and birth and is seen in water's regenerating powers. How cool?! So it seems to be the perfect letter to spring our practice from, as we are working to flow freely like water and rediscover our natural, functional movement. 


I have always been drawn to the letter "M." It is the initial of my family name which is very important to me. It is also the initial of my late mother's name, Maureen or affectionately, Moe. And it is the initial of my darling son's name, Miles. I gained the nickname "Mizzy" during my days performing with Celine Dion and my family of 50 cast mates in Las Vegas and the sound of that name still rings joyously in my ears. It represents my true essence and joy. 

I wanted a name for this venture that connects to me and that I connect with in return; a sense of home. But also a name that others can connect with. So, maybe the "M" resonates with you as MyLife Movement, or as any of the MLife options that will help you reach your goals. What's your MLife?

By Paying attention to the body, on is paying attention to the mind