My Story

   I started MLife Movement as a response to how my body has dealt with and adapted to movement and demanding technique throughout my career, and how I have witnessed my dance students best respond to movement cues throughout their training. With the rigors of performance technique, there can be so much tension that settles in the body as we navigate various dance styles and ever evolving physical demands. Our muscles, bone structures, and breath can all fight against each other in attempt to achieve a position, movement, or sound. Likewise, the movement patterns and postures we hold in our daily lives contribute to our overall feeling and well being. For so long I thought of both realms of my physical lives (dancer and non dancer) as separate, meaning whatever pains I felt must only be a result of my extreme physical training and career. And vice versa, that because I am dancer I must inherently have "perfect" posture for my daily life. But as I continued to explore approaching movement from a skeletal perspective and not muscling through movement as a dancer, I found such relief and wondered how I could carry that perspective into my movement and posture as I move through each day and stage of life. 

   I knew that movement coaching was a path I was meant to pursue, but I knew there was something more... I knew I was able to help dancers access and understand their movement in a unique way, but I felt there was a missing piece to bring the practice outside of class and off stage; that the practice would be best sustained if we could also understand our movement in daily life. I was especially motivated after witnessing my Mom suffer for so long through an auto immune disease, as her body became more immobile and I was frustrated that I couldn't help ease her chronic pain. I wanted to help every body move fully and freely, no matter what the demands or circumstance. 

   Through the dark days of 2020's pandemic life, I gratefully

stumbled upon the Somatic Movement Center and instantly knew that Clinical Somatic Movement was the missing piece. Through my studies to become a CSM Exercise Instructor, I have gained the knowledge to link everything together and be able to help people on stage and off, move with ease and efficiency.



Why M?

The Power of M

The Letter M is believed to be the most sacred. The letter gives the origin to all times, it creates the beginning of the natural forms of existence. It refers to the principle of water and birth and is seen in water's regenerating powers.

How cool?! So it seems to be the perfect letter to spring our practice from, as we are working to flow freely like water and rediscover our natural form of movement. 


I have always been drawn to the letter "M." It is the initial of my family name which is very important to me. It is also the initial of my late mother's name, Maureen or affectionately, Moe. And it is the initial of my darling son's name, Miles. I gained the nickname "Mizzy" during my days performing with Celine Dion and my family of 50 cast mates in Las Vegas and the sound of that name still rings joyously in my ears. It represents true joy. 

I wanted a name for this venture that connects to me and that I connect with in return; a sense of home. But also a name that others can connect with. So, maybe the "M" resonates with you as MyLife Movement, or as any of the MLife options that will help you reach your goals. 

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